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Annual Reports


C-Sema Financial Report 2018

C-Sema Financial Report 2017

C-Sema Financial Statement 2016

C-Sema Financial Report 2015

C-Sema Financial Report 2014

Financials Reports
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Other Reports

Other Reports

Watoto Funfair Event Report 2016

Siku ya Mtoto Post Event Report 2017

Siku ya Mtoto Online Event Report 2020

Siku ya Mtoto Media Reach Report 2017

Siku ya Mtoto Event Report 2019

National Child Helpline Annual Report 2020

A Media Campaign to Raise Awarenese on Elimination Child Sexual Abuse Material Online

C-Sema Helpline Data Report 2020

C-Sema Strategy 2016 - 2020 (Use of ICT for Children Services )

Final Report of the Impact Evaluation of GBVMedia Campaign 2022

Human Resources Policy and Procedures Manual

Happy & Sad Opinion Boxes Report - 2019

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