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Lessons you can teach the children in your life.

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Whether you are a parent, uncle, aunt, sister, brother, neighbour, friend, etc, you are in a position to positively impact a child’s life through your actions and the things you teach them. Here are a few lessons that you can impart to the children in your life.

1. They have some control over their lives. Parents have majority rule over the lives of their children, but children also share a part of that control. Children need to know that they can make decisions within their scope of maturity and level of understanding with proper guidance from a parent or caregiver.

2. They matter. Children should know that they matter to the people around them even when they get into trouble, when their grades slip, when they face challenges and counter adversity Their worth and significance are not determined solely by their achievements or external conditions.

3. They can learn even when they fail. Children should know that they can learn and grow from their failures. Mistakes are not the end but the beginning of a journey toward improvement. By embracing failure as an opportunity for learning, children can develop resilience, problem-solving skills, and the determination to overcome challenges in their lives.

4. They have strengths and should share them with others. Children should know that they possess unique strengths and talents that are worth sharing with others. When they share their abilities and kindness, they not only uplift those around them but also discover the power of making a positive difference in the world.

5. Honesty is the best policy. Children should know when they choose truth and integrity in their words and actions, they build trust, respect, and strong relationships. Honesty is a foundation for personal growth, ethical decision-making, and a life guided by principles.

6. They can achieve anything if they put in the effort. Children should know that with determination, hard work, and a learning mindset, they can overcome challenges and reach their dreams. Effort is the key that will unlock their potential and pave the way for success in any endeavour they choose to pursue.

The next time you are with your child, little sibling, niece or nephew don’t forget to instil something that will build and prepare them for the world. You can make it fun and interesting too, they don’t say it takes a village for nothing😊.

Written by Faith Mkony.


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