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Segal Family Foundation honors C-Sema with a heartwarming visit.

Updated: Feb 23

Monday 19th February, Dar es salaam.

We recently had the privilege of hosting a distinguished team from our funding partners, the Segal Family Foundation (SFF) who stopped by for a quick check-in. Our guests, 'led' by Ms. Beatrice Onyango, SFF’s Senior Equitable Giving Manager sat down with our Chief Executive and key members of C-Sema's team, for a dialogue, exploring the depths of our operations, with a special focus on the 116 National Child Helpline (CHL).

The heart of the discussion unfolded as the team delved into the operational intricacies of the Helpline, unravelling collaborative efforts with the government, the diverse categories of cases handled, and the meticulous process from initial pickup to subsequent referral and follow-up.

The duty of care, traditionally considered fulfilled upon referral to immediate assistive services, emerged as a compelling point of contemplation. The Helpline's commitment to going above and beyond, ensuring the comprehensive well-being of the client, especially if the client is a child, was truly captivating.

Transitioning seamlessly from the Helpline, the narrative shifted to C-Sema's nationwide programs. Here, the conversation evolved into the proactive initiatives the organisation has undertaken, emphasising prevention over response in addressing violence in communities, particularly Violence Against Children (VAC).

The dialogue helped paint a picture of C-Sema's initiatives extending far beyond reacting to cases, embracing a proactive stance by intervening at the roots to prevent violence before it occurs through awareness-raising efforts, implementing preventive programs, and collaborating with communities to safeguard children from harm.

As the meeting reached its conclusion, our Chief Executive shared his proudest achievement when asked about the decade-long journey of service provided by the Helpline and C-Sema. His response went beyond the quantitative metrics or organisational achievements, focusing on the tangible impact, lives touched and the unwavering commitment to our mission.

What stood out for him was the transformative shift in empowering children to actively participate in decisions that directly affect them. It's no longer a scenario where adults exclusively speak on their behalf.

"In recent years, we've witnessed a significant change where children are granted platforms to articulate their concerns and preferences. Unlike before, where discussions about their issues were held without their direct involvement. Initiatives from us and fellow child rights advocates have paved the way for children to voice their opinions. This shift towards empowering children and ensuring their voices are heard is what I am most proud of," Kiiya emphasised.

In those moments of shared understanding, the visit became a testament to the profound impact C-Sema has had over the years and a reinvigorating force for the journey that lies ahead. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed partners, Segal Family Foundation, whose unwavering support has been the bedrock of our initiatives.

Together, we look forward to a collaborative future, not just in protecting and safeguarding children and communities but also in fostering a brighter and safer tomorrow.

Here's to the power of collaboration and the promise of a better, safer world for all.

Prepared by the Child Helpline Team and reviewed and published by C-Sema's Communication Team



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