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Nurturing young GBV advocates: our visit to Mzambarauni Primary for the "16 Days of GBV Activism

Friday, December 1 2023 - Ukonga.

Our GBV and mental health team, in alignment with the ongoing "16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence," embarked on a purposeful journey, paying a visit to Mzambarauni Primary School on December 1st, 2023. This visit, part of a proactive series of interventions, aimed to educate, empower, and protect children against violence and abuse.

Photo: Ms. Jenipha Kalman, a Social Worker with Sema providing awareness on child abuse and mental health awareness at Maghorofani Primary School, 22 Nov 2023.

Engagement at Mzambarauni Primary School: Joined by the Social Welfare Officer, we interacted with the 1,600 pupils and 48 teachers at Mzambarauni Primary School. Notably, this school has a special needs section, underscoring the importance of tailored interventions for all students. We ensured that teachers from the special needs department were equipped with vital knowledge on child abuse to impart to their students.

Subsequent school visits: Following this impactful session, we further continued with our mission, visiting Amani Primary School, Maghorofani Primary School, Gongolamboto Jeshini Primary School, and Mongolandege Primary School. Each visit involved a comprehensive approach that engaged both pupils and teachers, fostering an open atmosphere for interaction.

Interactive learning sessions: Mr. Bosco Bosco (VAWC / GBV and mental health expert), leading the sessions, initiated discussions emphasising the promotion of the Child Helpline number "116" and gauged the students' awareness. The sessions delved into vital topics like child abuse identification, reproductive health education, and mental health awareness. The sessions resonated with the children, who actively participated in engaging activities, including a song highlighting body autonomy and protection.

Empowerment through education: Noteworthy was the collaborative effort between our team and the Community Development Officer, emphasising the importance of partnerships between educators and local offices. The children’s active participation and sharing of concerns were met with guidance and referrals for unresolved issues.

Photo: Ms Angela Ouma providing awareness on SRH education at Amani Primary School, 21st Nov 2023.

A call for collective action: The visit at Mzambarauni and subsequent schools underscored the critical need for continuous collaboration between parents, teachers, and organisations like Sema. Recommendations highlighted the necessity for enhanced teacher preparedness, bridging the teacher-to-pupil ratio for effective child protection, and advocating for proactive measures against violence and abuse.

Our involvement during the "16 Days of GBV Activism" brought forth empowerment, fostering safe spaces and knowledge dissemination among children, teachers, and community officers. These proactive initiatives serve as vital steps toward creating a safer environment and ensuring the well-being of children, a collective responsibility upheld by all stakeholders.

As the "16 Days of GBV Activism" progress, we remains committed to championing child protection and fostering a culture of awareness and prevention against gender-based violence in schools and communities.

Prepared Ms Angela Ouma, VAC & SRH expert and reviewed and published by C-Sema's Communication Team.



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