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KUWAZA III delegation shares project insights with Zanzibar government

Updated: Jan 31

January 18, 2024 Zanzibar.

Photo: Hon. Riziki Pembe Juma, the Minister for the MCDGEC  (centre, in yellow head scarf), following on the meeting deliberations.

KUWAZA III (Kuzuia Udhalilishaji wa Watoto Zanzibar) project is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at preventing sexual exploitation and abuse against boys and girls in Zanzibar. Implemented by C-Sema, Action Aid International, and Pathfinder, funded by Oak Foundation.

On January 18, 2024, the KUWAZA III delegation visited the Ministry of Community Development, Gender, Elderly, and Children (MCDGEC) offices in Kinazini, Zanzibar. The delegation wanted to share strides made so far in the implementation of the KUWAZA III project and receive government input into ongoing KUWAZA IV implementation and design.

Hon. Riziki Pembe Juma, the Minister for the MCDGEC, hosted and chaired this collaborative session, alongside her senior officials. The visitors, Kiiya JK (C-Sema's Chief Executive), Bavon Christopher (Action Aid's Country Director), Joseph Komwihangiro (Pathfinder's Country Director), and Lucia Quintero (KUWAZA III Project funding partner representative), delved into the multifaceted approach adopted by KUWAZA III. They informed the minister that the project strategically focuses on addressing the root causes of sexual violence within communities by equipping existing structures with tools and knowledge to better serve community needs in this area.

In praising the commendable efforts and effective implementation strategies of KUWAZA III, Minister Hon. Riziki Pembe Juma emphasised the vital importance of meaningful engagement with men and boys within this initiative. Recognising their crucial role, she highlighted that their active participation is integral to expediting the success of the program. Additionally, the Minister made a noteworthy commitment to the delegation by expressing her intent to explore the possibility of allocating funding to frontline efforts in support of sexual violence victims.

Lucia Quintero, representing Oak Foundation, the project's funding partner, pointed out the foundation's decision to concentrate on prevention. Often, evidence indicates that a majority of funding in this realm is channeled towards strengthening responses and frontline services. Lucia expressed Oak Foundation's commitment to supporting proactive initiatives that exhibits promising results and holds potential for scalability.

In a momentous announcement, the KUWAZA III team shared the news that Oak Foundation has pledged funding to support the upcoming phase,'' KUWAZA IV Project.'' The delegation affirmed their commitment to a more intentional involvement of men and boys, emphasizing a community-centered design for the next phase of the project.

Photo: Joseph Komwihangiro, Pathfinder's Country Director (blue shirt & without jacket), sharing insights during the discussion.

This collaborative effort signifies a substantial stride towards creating safer, more resilient communities, and it reinforces the collective commitment to preventing sexual exploitation and abuse. Stay tuned for further updates on this transformative project and its impact on the communities it serves. #KUWAZAIII #PreventSexualAbuse #EndVAC

Prepared by C-Sema's Media Team, Zanzibar.



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