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Here is why C-Sema's attended the UN Civil Society Conference 8th – 9th May, 2024

At C-Sema, we believe in the power of children and young peoples’ voices to drive positive change and shape the future of our communities. That's why we were honoured to participate in the United Nations Civil Society Conference held at the UN offices in Nairobi last week.

The UN Civil Society Conference serves as a crucial platform for civil society organizations worldwide to address global issues and advocate for change. This year, the conference brought together over 1,500 participants, including senior UN officials, international civil society organisations, youth changemakers, and media representatives.

Representing C-Sema, we had the privilege of engaging in key discussions and sessions, shedding light on the vital work we do to advance democracy and promote civic education, particularly among children and young adults in Tanzania. One noteworthy session, courtesy of our valued partners at UNDEF (United Nations Democracy Fund), provided a spotlight on our innovative project, the Portal for Civic Change (PCC).

Since its inception in 2015, PCC has been a beacon of hope for rural communities in Tanzania, providing free civic education through SMS and online platforms. Thanks to UNDEF's support, we've reached approximately 1,343,925 individuals, empowering them with the knowledge and tools to participate actively in democratic processes.

Our presence at the UN Civil Society Conference underscored our commitment to amplifying the voices of children and young people, especially in regions affected by conflict and geopolitical tensions. From Palestine to South Sudan, Somalia, and Congo, we advocated tirelessly for the rights and well-being of children and young people, ensuring their perspectives are heard and respected on the global stage.

As we look ahead to the Summit of the Future at the UN Headquarters in New York this September, we are more determined than ever to continue our mission of empowering youth, promoting democracy, and building a brighter future for all. Together, we will create a world where every voice matters and every child has the opportunity to thrive.


This article has been produced (in part) with the financial assistance of the Segal Family Foundation.



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