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Winnie Ndongo

Assistant Project Officer of #Mfanyakazi

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Winnie Ndongo Expertise and Experience

Winnie, in her capacity as the Assistant Project Officer of #Mfanyakazi, spearheads a campaign dedicated to eradicating the trafficking of children and young individuals in the Singida region. Her multifaceted role encompasses crucial responsibilities such as facilitating capacity building, training frontline professionals, conducting school outreach programs, and fostering community dialogues aimed at preventing child trafficking. Notably, she also assumes the pivotal position of the designated focal person for ECPAT International tasks and activities within C-SEMA.

Before assuming her current role as an #Mfanyakazi Assistant Project Officer in Singida, Winnie, an accomplished former lawyer, spearheaded the #Kapotea project. This initiative took a comprehensive approach toward addressing Child Trafficking and the pressing issue of missing children, underscoring her steadfast commitment to safeguarding the welfare of children."

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