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Rajabu Chagama

#Mfanyakazi Project Officer Singida

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Rajabu Chagama Expertise and Experience

In Rajabu, we find not just a Project Officer but a relentless advocate for the vulnerable, a champion of child rights, and a driving force in our mission to create a safer and brighter future for children and young people in Tanzania.

Rajabu spearheads the formidable #Mfanyakazi campaign, an unwavering initiative aimed at eradicating child trafficking in the Singida region of Tanzania. His dedication and expertise are the linchpins of this crucial mission.

Rajabu's multifaceted role encompasses a wide array of responsibilities, all dedicated to one overarching goal – ending child trafficking. He leads the charge in capacity building and training for frontline professionals, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to combat this harrowing issue. Through school outreach programs, he instills awareness and resilience in young minds, ensuring they become champions of their own safety. His work extends to engaging with communities in dialogues that ignite the collective determination to halt child trafficking in its tracks.

Before assuming his pivotal role in the #Mfanyakazi campaign, Rajabu served as a volunteer counselor with the National Child Helpline, gaining invaluable insights into the unique challenges children and young people face. This hands-on experience shaped his deep-rooted commitment to safeguarding their rights and well-being.

Rajabu is more than a dedicated professional; he's a trained social worker with a remarkable five years of expertise in this field. His journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the cause, and his presence at the forefront of the fight against child trafficking is a beacon of hope for the Singida region and beyond.

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