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Ministry responsible for children affairs in Zanzibar visit C-Sema in Dar for learning.

Hon. Riziki Pembe Juma, Minister responsible for Children in Zanzibar, and her Deputy Hon. Anna Athanas Paul, accompanied by their team of ministry officials, joined by UNFPA and UNICEF visited our offices today in Dar-es-salaam to learn about the work being done at the National Child Helpline and to discuss what it would take for the ministry to replicate the successes currently seen in Mainland back in Zanzibar.

Ministry visit to Csema Office
Hon. Riziki Pembe Juma, Minister responsible for Children in Zanzibar shown how call centre collects data.

The delegates were able to once again sit down with our Chief Executive Kiiya J.K who shared C-Sema’s history and the initiatives we’ve taken as child protection experts from the Malezi articles to the 116Stories we prepare and upload on our social platforms. They also got the chance to take a peek at the Call center where Ms. Dhaje, CHL Manager explained in detail how the Helpline operates on a day-to-day basis.

Our visitors later sat down at a round table discussion where UNFPA and UNICEF representatives presented to the Ministers the many successes and some of the challenges their partnerships with us have had over the years in the establishment and running of the Helpline. The discussions were well and truly enlightening for the Ministers who appreciated the work being done but admitted to being unfamiliar with the existence of the Helpline prior to being appointed to the Ministry. They raised valid points on the need for more awareness-raising efforts not only to the society but to the children as well for they are the true beneficiaries of the Helpline.

“We have learnt a great deal today, but I am surprised with how little is known about the Helpline not only in the society but within the government itself.” - Hon. Anna Athanas Paul

The Hon. Riziki Pembe Juma expressed her excitement to work with C-Sema in ensuring that the Helpline in Zanzibar continues to grow and sustain its services to the public by first ensuring the provision of the office space for the Zanzibar Helpline and by orchestrating child protection capacity building exercisers for workers within the ministry. She also spoke on the policies and laws that need to be strengthened so that child protection becomes a paramount feature in our Judiciary system.

“The relationship the ministry fostered between C-Sema, UNICEF and UNFPA is stronger than ever and should be preserved. We shall keep working together supporting one another in our endeavors in protecting children, young people, and women in Tanzania” – Hon. Riziki Pembe Juma.

With this visit, we are optimistic about the strides that we are taking in ensuring that we play our role in protecting children, women, and young people from all forms of violence and abuse in our country.

This story was prepared by C-Sema's media team.



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