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Hope stands up for herself.

The Helpline received a call from a courageous 15 year old girl named Hope (not her real name). Hope reported her parents for forcing her to undergo Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

Hope had refused to participate and in retaliation her parents threatened, mistreated and verbally shamed her because of it. This treatment made her feel soo alone and isolated she called us for help.

After listening to her one of our counselors called the Social Welfare Officer (SWO) in her region. The case was referred to the Police Gender Desk (PGD) who immediately started their investigation to ensure Hope's safety.

A couple of days later we called back to follow-up and were informed that the PGD found the family, warned them against FGM and the mistreatment they were inflicting on their daughter. After multiple conversations the family finally agreed to stop pressuring and mistreating their daughter.

The SWO and PGD agreed to keep a close eye on the family to make sure that they kept true to their word. One in ten women in Tanzania (aged 15-49) has undergone FGM. Of these, 35 per cent underwent FGM before the age of one. This practice compromises the natural functions of the female body and has a detrimental impact on the health of women and girls, including their psychological, sexual and reproductive health.

Young girls and women should be protected from such acts of cruelty. Don't stay silent when you hear cases like this one.

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