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  • Maryam El-haj

'Holiday camp' with Maasai boys & girls takes a stand against child marriage.

December 2023 holidays, Kilosa.

In a transformative two-week programme, C-Sema, in collaboration with esteemed consortium members, embarked on a mission to empower young Maasai boys and girls, particularly focusing on girls aged 8 to 15, in the rural landscapes of Morogoro during the holiday season. This impactful initiative unfolded from December 12th to December 22nd, 2023, in Kilosa District, Morogoro region.

The heart of the program beat with a commitment to raise awareness about self-worth, self-esteem, and the empowerment of young girls. The broader mission extended to staunchly combatting child marriage and gender-based violence (GBV), all while enlightening the participants about the vital resource, the 116 Helpline.

Five schools played host to this initiative, with each school enjoying two days of engaging activities. The selected schools — Parakuyo Primary School, Mbwade Primary School, Kitete Primary School, Msowelo Primary School, and Kifuru Primary School — collectively aimed to empower 500 students.

Despite the logistical challenges posed by heavy rains, which rendered access difficult to schools like Msowelo and Kifuru Primary, the program successfully reached the targeted number of students. Educational materials, including the invaluable 'Passport,' were provided to equip these young minds for a brighter future.

Known as the 'Hapana Marefu Yasiyo na Mwisho' project, or #SasaMwisho, this initiative stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of C-Sema and its consortium partners: the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT), Amani Girls Home, Felm, Fida, and LWF.

As the echoes of laughter and learning fade, the impact of this holiday camp resonates, leaving behind empowered youth ready to challenge norms and stand against the shadows of child marriage.

Stay tuned for more stories of transformation and empowerment from C-Sema's initiatives. #EndChildMarriage #SasaMwisho

This article has been produced (in part) with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of this text are the sole responsibility of the project partners and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of European Union.



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