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Hanifa is saved from a life in the sreets.

We bring you a sad tale about Hanifa.

Hanifa lived as a maid before she was thrown out by her employer, while on the streets she wished she would go back home. She missed her old life, the streets of Dar es Salaam made her feel as though she was living in a dark forest with no hope of survival. She came to Dar es Salaam with a promise of a good life and to continue with her secondary education for she had completed her standard seven studies.

The helpline was informed of Hanifa’s whereabouts by a neighbor who witnessed the whole incident. We informed a Social work officer who made plans to look for her.

She was found seated alone under a bridge crying and calling out for help, the informed SWO took her and asked where she came from and where her former employer’s house was. A few days later we were informed that Hanifa was back in her home village and her mother was happy that her daughter was back home.

It is tragic when sometimes the people who are entrusted to take care of children are the ones who end up hurting them the most.

Kwa maoni na ushauri tupigie simu namba 116 ambayo ni maalumu kwa huduma za mtoto nchini. Huduma hii haitozi malipo toka mitandao yote nchini. Vilevile unaweza kutupata kupitia ukurasa wetu wa Facebook: Sema Tanzania; Twitter: @SemaTanzania na

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