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#116Stories: Children should believe in themselves and in their capacity to do great things.

16-year-old Grace, (not her real name) called the Helpline worried about her grades, particularly in her chemistry and biology subjects. Grace was concerned about her ability to understand the related concepts taught by her teachers because thus far she was not able to.

After listening to her the CHL-Counsellor first encouraged her to believe in herself and to not give up. He then insisted she continues to fully participate in her classes and to listen to her teachers carefully while taking notes. The counselor also advised her to to get a friend who is competent in these subjects to help her study and revise for exams.

He instructed her to immerse herself in studying practical experiments of the two subjects at her school and if possible to attend tuition classes. The counselor instructed her to call the Helpline whenever she felt the need to talk or if she needed anymore help.

Sometimes children get overwhelmed with school and their academics especially on those subjects they feel they can not keep up with. Which leads them to lose confidence in themselves and their abilities.

It's important that parents, caregivers and teachers create a safe space for their children to share and discuss their struggles without being afraid and we at the Helpline will keep on doing so.


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