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Children need to rest on the Weekends.

Ally, a seventh-grade student at a certain school called the helpline with a complaint concerning the school’s teaching schedule. Ally expressed how the school administration required students to attend school for all seven days of the week.

This young boy was frustrated that he had no time to rest or spend time at home with his family. He went on to tell us that when they spoke out on the matter or miss a day of school, they were severely punished.

After listening to the boy, the helpline counselor decided to call the school to confirm whether the complaints were valid. We were able to reach the headmaster and his response was that since grades four and seven had national exams they needed more time to study if they wanted to pass and that the administration had no plans of changing this mandate.

Not receiving the response, we hoped for, the helpline counselor decided to call the Local Government Authorities (LGA) and relay the entire situation. The LGA assured us that they would look into the matter and see how they could resolve it. A Few days later Ally called us and this time his voice filled with joy that the routine was back to five days of school while the weekends were reserved for rest and quality family time.

Rest and time to refresh are indispensable parts of a healthy lifestyle for children. It improves attention, behavior, learning, memory, and overall physical and mental health. Thus, it's important for parents, teachers, and caretakers to make time for rest within their children's daily schedules.

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