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#116Stories: Being informed on Cross-cutting issues is crucial for all youths.

17-year-old Irene (not her real name) called the Helpline seeking advice on how she could prevent herself from contracting HIV/AIDS. The CHL- counselor commended her for taking initiative and wanting to keep herself safe from this disease that has affected a majority of youths in the country.

She went on to explain to Irene the ways in which HIV/AIDS is transmitted such as; sharing sharp tools like needles and razor blades, blood transfusion from people who are already infected with HIV, having multiple partners, etc., She also explained to her how she could keep herself by not practicing the activities above.

The counselor encouraged Irene to keep being inquisitive and if she had any more questions she shouldn’t hesitate to call. Being informed on cross-cutting issues like HIV/AIDS is important for all youth.

We as stakeholders in child protection need to encourage them to be proactive and responsible for their own health and that of others.


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