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#116Stories: 'This madness has got to stop.'

This August a woman called the helpline to report a teacher of the school where her son studies. This teacher has developed a behavior of forcing and coercing students into supporting his business especially standard three students. It has reached a point where students no longer wanted to go to school in fear of being beaten by that teacher.

The case was referred to the Ward Social Welfare Officer (WSWO) who investigated the matter and proved its validity. We made follow up later that week and the WSWO had a meeting with the head master of the school, the Ward education committee and the entire staff of the school. The committee called the teacher responsible for mistreating the students and they concluded that since it was his first offence he would receive a warning letter and keep him under supervision.

The SWO assured that the teacher was indeed given the letter and his interactions with the students were being monitored incase he falls back to his previous actions.

Aside from parents teachers are arguably one of the most important members of the community. They help give children purpose and inspire them to do well and succeed in life. Which is why a case like this should remind teachers everywhere in Tanzania what their role is to their students and most especially what they should not do.

For comments and / or inquires please call 116 National Child Helpline. This is a toll free service available across all networks in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @SemaTanzania; or visit our website:


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