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#116Stories: Fathers can be part of the pregnancy journey too!

A man called the helpline seeking advice on how to properly take care of his pregnant wife. This father-to-be wanted to find out all he could on the do's and don'ts of pregnancy and how he could be more helpful.

The counselor applauded his initiative and encouraged him to keep doing so. The counselor stressed the importance of attending the clinic to check up on the baby's development and the mother’s health.

He then explained the need for regular balanced meals consisting of proteins, vitamins such as Vitamin D, and starch that will provide energy, strengthen her immunity, and overall physical health depending on what she could eat at the time.

The counselor also explained the benefits of getting enough sleep for the expectant mother which will help her mentally as well as emotionally. He encouraged a supportive environment to foster positivity throughout the pregnancy.

Lastly, he recommended that she gets regular but simple exercises such as walking, and jogging as she progresses to full term. The man was excited to apply what he had learnt and promised to share his experience with his peers.

Pregnancy can be an exhilarating experience for both parents. Staying informed and supportive of your partner during this journey as you wait for your little one can be insightful and exciting too.

Kwa maoni na ushauri tupigie simu namba 116 ambayo ni maalumu kwa huduma za mtoto nchini. Huduma hii haitozi malipo toka mitandao yote nchini. Vilevile unaweza kutupata kupitia ukurasa wetu wa Facebook: Sema Tanzania; Twitter: @SemaTanzania na


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