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#116Stories - Children with Disabilities.

In early February we received a call from the uncle of 7 year old Rahel who suffers from a type of mental disability. Rahel’s uncle had called to ask for advice on his niece's condition.

Rahel was already on medication which was not working well for her. Her uncle reached out to us because he was worried and he needed an alternative solution. The Helpline counselor encouraged him and told him about CCBRT and the possibility of them helping.

The case was referred to them. They later responded that they were willing to help but the uncle would have to bring Rahel to Dar-es-salaam where their services are available. Rahel’s uncle did not have accomodation in Dar es salaam but he was willing to try and make it work.

He contacted CCBRT for more information and what was needed of me, he made arrangements and after a couple of weeks he had attained the funds needed and brought Rahel to Dar- es-salaam . On March 12th he called us back with positive feedback.

He told us that his niece was prescribed new medication and that her health was improving. He thanked the helpline counselor for the referral and connecting him to CCBRT.

It isn't easy to raise a child with any kind of disability but like Rachel's uncle, we hope parents and guardians don't give up the fight to ensure that children like Rahel have the best possible chance at life.

Photo credit: Shutterstock. The image has nothing to do with Rahel's story. In line with our child safeguarding policy we do not use child's real image alongside our stories, unless such use is consented to and will not harm the child in anyway.

For comments and / or inquires please call 116 National Child Helpline. This is a toll free service available across all networks in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @SemaTanzania; or visit our website:

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