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#116Stories: Baba Joseph receives help on son health

In early August we received a call about a young boy named Joseph. Baba Joseph called the Helpline concerned about his little boy. He told us that Joseph had been experiencing diarrhea and stomach pains for two days. He explained that he had taken him to a nearby dispensary where he was given tablets but wasn't checked and the problem was still persisting.

The Helpline counselor tried to give baba Joseph a few home remedies that could help boost Joseph's energy as he prepared to take his son to the hospital before the situation worsened for the boy. The counselor also explained to baba Joseph the risks of waiting too long without getting medical attention on a child.

A few days later baba Joseph called the Helpline and told us that Joseph was feeling better and that he was being diagnosed with Malaria and amoeba. He was given the right medication and he was improving. Children's immunities strengthen as they grow, thus it is important that whenever your child gets ill you make sure he or she gets the appropriate medical treatment as fast as possible.

Helping your sick child can feel a bit like travelling down a bumpy road, finding dead-end after dead-end and losing sight of the destination… And if you’re like most parents we see at the Helpline, 'come and lets talk how we can provide best relief for your child in times of trouble.'

Call the Helpline number 116 available across all networks in Tanzania, free of cost. Let's talk parenting.


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