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#116Stories: A call that granted mum child maintenance costs

Earlier this year in May we received a call from a woman reporting her husband who had been refusing to provide child care for their 2-year-old son ‘Ethan.’

She told us that he was not picking up her phone calls and when she called the manager of the place where he works, she was greeted with insults and abusive language. She also tried to reach out to her husband's relatives but they were not helpful. That was when a friend of hers told her to call the helpline.

After listening to Mama Ethan, we asked her to be patient while we looked for a service provider to collaborate with us in handling the case.

A couple of days later we contacted a Social Welfare Officer (SWO) who assured us that he'd work on mama Ethan’s case.

The following week, one of our counselors called the SWO for feedback and we were happy to hear that Ethan's father had agreed to provide a disclosed amount of money for child support on the day that he was reached.

Mama Ethan called us back to express her gratitude and confirm the arrangement she made with Ethan's father. The case was closed.

All is not lost and we are here to help. Please call us on 116 free of cost and available across all networks in Tanzania. We want to help.

PS. Ethan is not his real name. His real name has been concealed to protect his identity in line with our Child Safeguarding Policy.

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