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#116Stories: A blind child sodomized by his relative and caretaker

In February last year, we recieved a call from Unguja North A. The caller reported that her 22-year old neighbour who is blind had been sodomized by all a close relative. She explained that on hearing screams for help, the neighbors had gathered around the perpetrator's house. The man tried to run away but they managed to catch him and took him to the police station. However when they took the victim to the hospital for check up they found no doctor to help them, so they called the helpline for assistance.

We reached out to the case to a Social Welfare Officer so that the victim could get medical attention and called the OCD to confirm that the case had been filed. The case has now been taken to court. Unthinkable as it is, research reveals that the home is the single most violent place in society.

Violence and abuse that occurs in the home is usually cobered up by the family, neighbours and friends. Speak up if someone is being abused! Call 116 in, we are here to help.



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