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#116Stories - 7 years old Jack finds a home.

On the 15th of March this year. The helpline received a call from one of the local government leaders and a good Samaritan.

They shared concern for a 7-year-old boy named Jack. Jack dropped out of school because he lacked someone to take care of him and provide him with his basic necessities. Jack's mother left him when he was very young, he remained under the care of his father.

Sadly Baba Jack was diagnosed with a mental problem and was taken into psychiatric care, so the boy was left alone with no one to take care of him. The good Samaritan took him in and together they called the helpline to look for information on what was to be done for Jack.

The helpline counssellor referred the case to a Social Welfare Officer, with the help of local government leaders, they called a meeting to talk about the case, which was led by the Social Welfare Oficer.

Together they agreed that the child should remain with the good Samaritan in his house and the Social Welfare Officer will be checking on them from time to time to know how Jack is fairing. At the helpline we were happy to know that Jack had found a home with the good Samaritan.

The Law of the Child mandates child care responsibiliies to every local government (LGA) through the office of social welfare. This means that children like Jack are assured of monthly stipendi allowances, besides occassional visits from the office of social welfare to be sure they grow onto full potential.

For any questions or inquiries please contact 116 the National Child Helpline. #116Stories #SimuliziZa116 Please remember to stay healthy by practising all the precautionary measures during this time.

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