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#116Stories: 7 days are painful!

“Yes we would love to study and pass our exams, but it’s ridiculous for us to spend 7 days of the week at school with no rest nor family time, and on top of that heavy punishments are inflicted on us in case we miss a day.’’ Complained Ally.

Ally called the helpline and the Helpline Counselor decided to call his school to confirm the issues Ally raised. The school headmaster confirmed that all standard IV and VII needed extra time to ensure they pass with flying colors! The Helpline Counsellor pleaded with the teacher to allow play time and some reflection time to the children but he made it clear that the decision will not be revised.

The Helpline Counselor decided to consult the Local Government Authority in the areas to brief them on what issues Ally raised and plead for their intervention.

A few days later, a joyful Ally called the helpline this time his voice filled with delight that the routine was back to five days of school while the weekends were left for them to rest and have time with their families.

Every day, thousands of children throughout Tanzania are subjected to emotional, physical and sexual abuse by their teachers, families, neighbours and comunity at large.

Call the National Child Helpline number 116 to report violations of children’s rights anywhere in Tanzania.


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