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#116Stories: 10-years old Diana is enrolled into school

A Good 'Samaritan' reported a teacher who was living with a 10-year-old girl 'Diana' as his domestic worker, attending to complex activities which were not suitable for a child.

In response to this one of our Helpline Counselors contacted the teacher and when we were able to reach him he confirmed that he was indeed living with the young girl and that she was his niece.

He explained that Diana was staying with him because her mother was not mentally fit to raise her and that is why he took her in. We inquired on Diana's education status since she wasn't enrolled in a primary school. He told us that she came to him late in the school year that's why she wasn't enrolled and that he was waiting for the next school year to get her registered her. With this information we made it known to him that since he took Diana in, he was responsible for her and he had to protect her rights and make sure all her needs were met without exploiting her in any way. He agreed and pledged to take better care of Diana and ensure that she got into a good school.

Within the next month we made follow up and true to his word Diana was enrolled in school and was doing well. We then spoke to the Local government leader in that area and he confirmed it.

Lastly, we spoke to the good Samaritan who reported the case and she also stated that she had seen changes in Diana's life and that she was in school getting an education.

All is not lost and we are here to help. Please call us on 116 free of cost and available across all networks in Tanzania. We want to help.

PS. Diana is not her real name. Her real name has been concealed to protect her identity in line with our Child Safeguarding Policy.


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