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Thelma Dhaje

National Child Helpline Manager

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Thelma Dhaje Expertise and Experience

Thelma is a trailblasing professional who embarked on her journey with the National Child Helpline as its first helpline counsellor. Her remarkable career trajectory began in 2012 when she selflessly devoted her time as a volunteer counsellor at C-Sema. Since then, Thelma's unwavering dedication and outstanding abilities have propelled her through several pivotal roles, from Volunteers' Team Leader to Counsellors' Supervisor, culminating in her current role as the esteemed National Child Helpline Manager.

With over 12 years of dynamic experience, Thelma has honed her expertise in supervising and managing child protection programs, parenting education initiatives, sexual and reproductive health advocacy, and community-based programmes. Her passion for enhancing family dynamics and child well-being is further underscored by her certification as a trainer in the realm of Skillful Parenting.

Thelma possesses a unique proficiency in monitoring and evaluation, meticulously reviewing data accuracy and program implementation to ensure the highest standards of excellence. She is also a proficient advocate, adept at crafting compelling work plans and designing precision-targeted data collection tools.

A testament to her impactful contributions, Thelma played an integral role in the formulation of the National Plan of Action to End Violence Against Women and Children in Tanzania. Her collaboration extends beyond borders as she actively engages with partners in the drafting and review of UNCRC CSO alternative reports.

Thelma's academic journey is equally impressive, with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Social Work serving as her foundation. Demonstrating her commitment to continuous learning and professional growth, she is currently pursuing a Masters in Social Work, further enhancing her capacity to drive meaningful change in the realm of child protection and well-being.

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