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Masha Bendera

Project Officer - Childline Zanzibar

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Masha Bendera's Expertise and Experience

Masha Bendera is an experienced Social Worker with a strong commitment to advocating for the rights of children and has been in this capacity for almost five years.


With C-Sema, she has demonstrated excellence in coordinating and executing school and community outreach activities. Not only does she bring a wealth of expertise to her role as a team leader at the ChildLine Zanzibar Call Center but she is also great at managing working relationships with our partners from local government authorities to civil society organizations in Zanzibar which stems from her experience as a diplomat. 

With a solid foundation in the field of international relation and diplomacy, Masha has added value to the team especially in amplifying our policy change agenda through online platforms. She has run multiple campaigns on social media ranging from community awareness of children’s rights to youth SRH information and parenting.


In 2022 Masha was awarded an Online Space Diplomat Award for her excellence in the inclusion of people with disabilities .

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