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#116Stories: John's Molester Walks Free

When John was 8, a neighbour sexually abused him. The abuse had gone on for a long time causing bad anal and rectal injuries. His nightmare began when he had to split his time between his parents who were separated.

Aware of the separation, John's neighbour took advantage convincing the boy to go to his house instead of his father's. The neighbour molested John daily; escorting him to school and taking him back to his house afterwards. John's mother finally called her ex-husband demanding that her son return home and was shocked to find that her ex-husband had not seen their son for a long time. She found their son at school but when she asked him where he had been, she was devastated to learn of the abuse her son had suffered.

John's abuser was arrested but was bailed out after a few days. The court kept on postponing his case saying that they were still investigating.

Frustrated, John's mother contacted the child helpline and a counsellor advised her to be patient and let the police do their job. On the day before the hearing, she called the helpline again, believing her son would at least get justice.

Sadly, the court dropped John's case saying that there wasn't enough evidence. Yet John had recognized his abuser and showed him to the police at midnight on the day of his arrest. The doctor's evidence proved that the child was molested and badly injured.

While his molester went free, John was left with physical injuries and emotional scars that no child should have to suffer. John's mother later informed the helpline that her son's abuser has a brother who is a police officer in the court, which is why the case was dropped.

For comments and / or inquires please call 116 National Child Helpline. This is a toll free service available across all networks in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. Facebook: Sema Tanzania; Twitter: @SemaTanzania or visit our website:

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