About Us

C-Sema, is a registered FIRM operating various life changing projects in Tanzania; Opinion Boxes in Schools, Training/Mentoring to young students, Sema Magazine & the Tanzania's National Child Helpline.

We want to see a Tanzania where all parents are informed about their roles & responsibilities towards children's right to be heard;

A Tanzania where all children are free to express themselves; and A Tanzania where all communities are proactive in their support towards all children's growth and development.

Our History

Sema is a Swahili word that means speaking. The terminology “SEMA” literaly means affording children opportunity and space to speak out. It is deeply focused on providing life skills rooted in social and financial education to children and young persons. This concept revolves around the belief that children are powerful agents of social and economic change. Empowering children/young persons to change and break the cycle of poverty is making them aware of what their rights and responsibilities are, and equipping them with the tools to put those rights into practice.

At C-Sema “C” stands for civic driven change led by children. It also stands for culture. Culture is the best way for the young ones to realize themselves and their untapped potentials. Self-realization paves way to economic development. C-Sema believes that the best way to advocate for something is to believe in its being. Believing in existence. Believing in life. Culture is the best way. C-Sema is non-for-profit and private organization established in 2006. Since its institution, it has provided education to communities especially the susceptible groups of children, adolescents and youths located in urban and peri-urban locations in Dar-es-salaam and neighbouring Regions in Tanzania.


Our Main Objective is to create and provide AVENUES for CHILDREN to SPEAK, be their VOICE - LISTEN to THEM.


Mentor, Inspire and Early Life Counselling towards Economic, Spiritual and Moral Success in Adult Life and make every child appreciate life and use available resources to change his/her environment for a better adult life


Our Vision is to become a reputable organisation in Child Protection field nationally and internationally by 2020

General Information

C-Sema implements its objectives through 3 current operational projects: 1. National Child Helpline that is available across all telephone networks in Tanzania through dialing 116; 2. Happy and Sad Opinion Boxes available in schools; 3. Sema Magazine - a Child Development & Protection Magazine distributed freely to children in schools


Child Protection - Child Helpline Projects: Opinion Boxes in Schools (Happy/Sad Boxes); Sema Magazine; and A free national telephone helpline 116